What is ASP.NET ?  

ASP.NET is a no cost web structure for developing excellent Web websites and Web programs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. ASP.NET can handle three strategies to develop web sites:

Web Forms

ASP.NET Web Forms allows you develop highly effective websites using a acquainted drag-and-drop, event-driven style. A design exterior and thousands of manages and elements let you quickly develop innovative, highly effective UI-driven sites with data access.

Web Pages 

ASP.NET Web Webpages and the new razor format provide a fast, friendly and light and portable way to incorporate host value with HTML to make powerful web content. Go to directories, add video, link to internet websites, and include many more features that let you make wonderful websites using the newest web requirements.

MVC (Model-View-Controller)

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) structural design divides an program into three primary components: the Model(Style), the View(Perspective), and the Controller(operator). The ASP.NET MVC structure provides an substitute to the ASP.NET Web Types design for developing MVC-based Web programs.
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